Every smoker should read (and do) these…

Dear heavy smokers,

if you always smoke anytime and anywhere…well, please read what we have for you :D

smokers' soulmate

happy reading!



01. Well…first of all, we think you should bring your own space helmet.

YEP! Right!You’re the one who produce that smokes. So, we think you should inhale it by yourself. That’s what we called: FAIR haha!


portable ashtray

02. Bring your own portable ashtray.

Same rules with put the garbage in the trash can, you should clean the mess made by your cigarette’s ash. You shouldn’t call yourself an adult if couldn’t do the simplest thing like this.

03. Donate more on health charity.

Especially when you keep on smoking in public place where there are children under age. They could have better air to breathe but didn’t get it because of you…so, it is worth enough to spend little more money to them. :D

U smoke, they smoke


the filters

04. Here are the last tips: don’t throw away those filters from the end of your cigarettes. Save them up and within a few years you’ll have enough to insulate your loft. (source from here)

Wow, isn’t that sounds good?? Rather than making a mess,  you could get..what? a brusher?hahaha!


Oh, and by the way, please stop telling us the cliche like “better become an active smoker than the passive one“. We have chosen not to smoke. It’s you, who should carefully watch the risk…not us anyway :D



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