Song That Drags Memories Back

I believe that we all have that one song for each specific memory. Like whenever melancholy say “hi,” I would be easily dragged back to the past, reminiscing one moment that deeply planted in my brain. For example, whenever I listen to Monita Tahalea’s Memulai Kembali (start over).

First time I listened to the song is when I was driving with Lylis to Loxton from Paringa, South Australia. We had just got a day off at work and decided to visit one or two opportunity shops :p

Lylis was randomly playing video music on Youtube when this song came up. The melody was so catchy and the lyrics sounds so poetic to me.

The first line had caught my attention straight away. Just a simple line “matahari, sudah di ujung petang. Ku lepas hari dan sebuah kisah,”  (as the sun at the tip of the dusk, I let go a day and a story). The rest of the lyric been telling about somebody that finally ready to let go of the past and start all over again.

The moment when I was listening to this song was just perfect. It was a sunny day on winter time in South Australia. Almost spring time. The road between Berri and Loxton was just so scenic with upside down hills, yellowish fields and pretty flowers started to bloom. It’s just a perfect day to drive down the country lane. As I drove a “new” car, Francesca has given me, the song was describing what I felt that time: light and…happy

I made a mental note of the lyric to find out the title later. Just because. 

There’s a warmth feeling whenever I heard this song. How I can relate personally to the song, but moreover, to the nuance the song has brought me. It is something light, warm, and breezy. Since then, I always turn the song on whenever I drive by myself through a fine afternoon. Open the car window and put my sunnies on. This song comforts me in some way.

“Sebuah janji terbentang di langit biru.Janji yang datang bersama pelangi. Angan-angan pilupun perlahan-lahan menghilang. Dan kabut sendupun berganti menjadi rindu

Sejak saat itu langit senja tak lagi sama.”

“A promise has spread across the blue sky. The promise that comes along a rainbow. The wishful thinking eventually fades. And melancholy turns into yearning. Since then, the twilight is never same again.”


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